Nutrition Consulting for Healthy Eating

Roselby Rodriguez, FST Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor, Healthy Eating and Wellness Coach

Roselby 2Initial Consultation (30 minutes)

A FREE CONSULTATION to determine if we match your expectations.

Wellness Program (8 Weeks)
Roselby’s specific tools will help you achieve a deep transformation. Through education on dietary alternatives, mindset and lifestyle changes, Roselby will help you get back in touch with your body and find the balance, weight and energy you have been looking for.
Roselby will help you create a sustainable lifestyle that allows time for exercise and self-care. Health programs don’t have to be complicated.
1 X 30 MINUTES FREE CONSULTATION to determine if we match your expectations
1 x 90 minutes Strategy session to get your information and set the course of the program based on your specific goals, lifestyle, current habits and intentions
3 x 60 minutes session to follow up on your progress, task and challenges (sessions can be done via online video chat or over the phone)
1 x 60 minute Fascial Stretch Therapy OR Pilates Private session (client’s preference)
Full access to email and text communication between sessions for accountability, questions, and any extra support needed.
Customized recipes, literature and action steps applicable to your specific program
In person consults available Mondays & Wednesdays at Living Waters through our online booking. Any other days or phone consults can be arranged directly through Roselbly roselbyrodriguez@gmail.com
*Future Check-In options as a discounted rate 

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