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Frownies UNDER EYE results Spa Canada magazine offers a guide to relaxation and destination spas in Canada said about Frownies: Looking for a Non-Invasive Route to Plastic Surgery? Frownies Facial Pads have been in the medicine chests of some of Hollywood's most beautiful women for years. Renee Russo credits her smooth forehead and flawless skin to Frownies.

SHAPE Magazine, designed for women to get their life in shape, with diet, fitness beauty tips and more called Frownies "Stick-on a temporary immobilizer that Relax expression lines, Frownies, facial pads that help re-educate your muscles." December 2005

Good Housekeeping, the most trusted source for advice about food, diet/nutrition, women's health and your home, awarded Frownies wrinkle reducer patches the easiest wrinkle reducer award. "Easiest Wrinkle Reducer - Yes, the sun causes wrinkles, but squinting, laughing and brow furrowing are also to blame. So you can either stop smiling ? not a fun option ? or try Frownies. These sticks ons help pull skin taut so that your wrinkles will look a little smoother over time. Put them on before you go to bed (or, as some fans do, a few hours before a special event), and you'll emerge with fewer lines on your face." May 2005

Prevention, a popular magazine reporting smart ways to live well with information and tips from experts on weight loss, fitness, health, nutrition, recipes, anti-aging & diets called Frownies, "Skin Savers...If Botox isn't for you, you can sleep with...a product such as Frownies on your brow. Frownies...literally hold your skin in place so it won't contract when you frown...[Frownies] are easy to apply and may soften your lines over time by training you not to frown." November 2004.

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Decollette Patches for wrinkles
Designed to correct and prevent Chest Wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side, sun damage, and aging.
Created by two time Emmy Award winning makeup artist Camille Calvet.

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