Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (TCM)

With a 3,000-year history, acupuncture and herbal medicine has successfully addresses chronic ailments and manages pain.
Acupuncture is a safe, painless alternative for:
-Pain: Arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and carpal tunnel
-Allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems
-Gynecological problems like infertility and PMS, 
  • -Balancing: depression, anxiety,  stress, insomnia and many more physical, emotional and neurological issues.

  • Initial Chinese Medicine Consultation including Treatment

This session starts with a 45 minute assessment checking the tongue, pulse, blood pressure, as well as a questionnaire to give the practitioner a better understanding of the patient's constitution. After this has been completed, the patient is given an acupuncture treatment and/or prescribed herbal medicine.  Acupuncture is usually followed by a calming mini tuina massage. This initial consultation is required for all new patients.

Initial consult + treatment: 90 minutes

Follow up Treatment
Every patient and their condition is different and each treatment varies accordingly. A treatment usually takes up to 60 minutes and typically consists of a short followup assessment followed by acupuncture as well as other modalities and ending with a calming mini tuina massage. Based on the TCM diagnosis, a modified diet and Chinese medicine may be recommended.
Regular Acupuncture Follow up sessions: 60 minute

Fertility , Pregnancy & Inducing Labour Acupuncture Follow up: 45 minutes

Commonly asked questions
Does Chinese herbal medicine have side effects?
No, not if the formula has been correctly chosen and written.  Most of the medicinals in the Chinese material medica have a very low toxicity compared to common, over-the-counter Western drugs. When they are prescribed according to a correct traditional Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis, they should have no side effects, only beneficial healing results.

Does acupuncture hurt?
Acupuncture needles are typically not much thicker than a hair, and their insertion in the skin is practically painless. Because of the quality of the needles used in our clinic are high end and specially coated many people do not even know the needles are in place. In others, there may be some tingling, warmth, heaviness, or a feeling of the qi moving up and  down the channels. Most  people find acupuncture extremely relaxing and many fall asleep during treatment.
Is acupuncture safe?
When performed by a trained, licensed professional, acupuncture is extremely safe. All acupuncturists use individually packaged, sterile, disposable needles.

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For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened".  Matthew 7:7